Packing Down


In addition to the carry case instructions, we offer a detailed step by step Folding & Packing Guide – available here. This has helped many customers better understand the packing process and master the packing technique.

IMPORTANT! Keep the central hub upright (pointing towards the sky) when folding the legs. Otherwise the legs and joints will rotate and may not fold correctly. If forced could cause unnecessary damage. Legs should fold freely without restriction. If you feel restriction, stop, do not force, and check the leg for obstructions and ensure the joint is in an ‘open’ position, and the hub is upright, before proceeding to fold the leg.

• Packing TIP 1 : Keep the central hub upright at all times and the leg joint is ‘open’ – this will ensure the legs fold correctly.
• Packing TIP 2 : Keep the inner door zipped half open – this will help the air inside the sleeping area to escape during packing.
• Packing TIP 3 : Keep the outer door fully closed – this will help when folding the material neatly.
• Packing TIP 4 : Take time to fold the fabric neatly as you go. This will help reduce packing size.