Slumit GOBI 3 Man Tent with FlashFrame Pitch + Pack System

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The latest 2023 Slumit GOBI 3 (3 Berth) carries on from the all-new 2019 features which offered our largest number of design and performance upgrades in over 10 years, with some added under the bonnet tweaks seen in the 2021 model! The GOBI 3 is a high spec two layer tent with a waterproof and flame retardant (to CPAI-84) and UV+50 outer rainfly and separate bug-free, breathable inner sleeping area. This 3 season camping tent can be pitched (and packed) faster than an equivalent pole and sleeve tent thanks to the Original and innovative all-in-one FlashFrame™ Quick Pitch + Pack System. Scroll down for the full feature list including our minimum user recommendations to safely and successfully pitch the GOBI 3 straight out the carry case ..

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Specs + Sizing

Pitch + Pack System


Additional Poles

1 Fibreglass

Number of Seasons

3 (Spring / Summer / Autumn)

Max Berth Sleeper


Recommended People w/Gear


Bug-Free Sleeping Area


Air Vents


Approx Packed Size


Approx Packed Weight

5.8kg (12.6lbs)

External Height


External Width


External Depth


Sleeping Area Height


Sleeping Area Width


Sleeping Area Depth

200 - 230cm (see graphic)

Waterproof Rating (HH)


Tape Seal


Pole Construction


Outer Rain-fly

Polyester 190T


Breathable Polyester


PE 120g

Mosquito Mesh

Micro (no-see-um)

# of Porches / Vestibules


# of Sleeping Areas


# of Doors


# of Privacy Windows


Model Number


Main Colour

Russet Brown

Generation Year of Manufacture

14th (2023) BN22336

*Dimensions and weights are approximates. Externals are overall dimensions.


• Additional Poles are non FlashFrame poles. IE. Poles to create the vestibule / porch area. The FlashFrame does the rest. Additional Poles are supplied.
• Berth refers to maximum number of people to sleep within the tent. Based on average height and build. The maximum capacity may be cosy subject to the size and frame of the camper(s) and gear stowed.
• CPAI-84 Fire Retardant fabric does not mean the tent is fireproof. Fabric will still burn. Take caution when camping, not to use heat or flammable sources in or around your tent.
• Air Vents help increase air flow into the tent and sleeping area. Keeping the air vents open will help reduce condensation. Closing the vents will help trap some of the warmer moist air but will increase condensation.
• UV+ fabric protection should not be a substitute for applying suitable skin protection. The fabric coating will degrade over time and exposure to the elements.


  • 3 Berth Tent (max 3 persons, perfect for 2 persons + gear)
  • Double Layered Rainfly and Breathable Inner with FlashFrame™ Pitch System
  • 4000mm HH Waterproof Outer Rain-fly  *(2019+ spec)
  • Strong Solid 8.5mm Jointed Fiberglass Pole with FlashFrame™ Technology  *(2021+ design)
  • An All-In-One Quick Pitch and Pack Solution – up and down in seconds!
  • Additional Fiber Pole for Vestibule with re-designed Quick Thread Sleeves  *(2019+ design)
  • “No-See-Um” Bug-Free Ventilated Sleeping Area  *(2018+ spec)
  • Flame Retardant* fabric to CPAI-84 standard  *(2019+ spec)
  • UV+50 Coated  *(2019+ spec)
  • Two PVC Windows with fully zippable internal privacy screens.
  • Breathable Inner Layer with Micro “No-See-Um” Mesh
  • “Open Fully” Inner Door with Corner Stuff Pocket  *(2019+ design)
  • Sewn-In “Bath Tub” Style 10,000mm HH Waterproof Groundsheet
  • Thermobonded Taped Seams
  • Separate Porch Area for Gear
  • Zippable rear wall electric cable access point to internal tent  *(2019+ addition)
  • Two Adjustable “No-See-Um” Meshed Side Vents for Excellent Bug-Free Sleeping Ventilation
  • Ground Pegs
  • Lantern Hook (Max. Load 5kg)
  • Two Point Guy System for improved wind stability  *(2018+ design)
  • 7 Pre-Attached High Visibility Guy Ropes
  • Internal Full Length Side Pockets for Lightweight Accessories (Max. Load 1kg)
  • Internal Loft Storage Net (Max. Load 2kg) with Lantern Hook Access
  • Steel Ground Pegs (for soft ground)
  • FlashPack™ Roll-Top Drawcord Quick Stuff Carry Case  *(2019+ design)
  • Colour: Russet Brown with White detailing.*Revisions and updates made to recent editions.

Construction + Materials

The latest 2023 Slumit GOBI 3 (3 Berth) comes packed with the all-new design and performance upgrades carried over from the 2019 model, with the added tweaks and adjustments for improved performance to both tent and FlashFrame seen in the 2021 model.


IMPORTANT INSTALL NOTE. Minimum User Recommendation: The equipment has been designed for speed and efficiency straight-out-the-case. That is why, as with all our tent models, the GOBI 3 tent equipment (FlashFrame™, Outer Rainfly and Inner Tent) is supplied pre-connected, as an all-in-one pitch system. Due to the design and pitch technique needed for the GOBI 3 FlashFrame™ system, and to ensure the hub is lifted high enough to safely operate the FlashFrame™, we recommend a minimum operator height of 5’4″ (163cm) with good upper body strength. Otherwise users may find operating the GOBI 3 FlashFrame™ challenging (straight-out-the-case that is!). And whilst the majority of campers benefit from the speed and ease of the all-in-one pitch system, we offer simple tips that have proven to help those who may find pitching straight-out-the-case challenging. Please contact us for assistance, we are happy to help, or consider the smaller CUB 2 FlashFrame™ tent as an alternative.


**Please Note. Images supplied are concept images. Actual images are expected in due course. The concept images are a close representation of the new design, but some design features may differ to that shown. For example the Vestibule pole sleeve has been redesigned for easier fitting**


The GOBI 3 is a high spec two layer tent with a waterproof and flame retardant (to CPAI-84) outer rainfly and breathable inner sleeping area. The rain-fly is waterproofed to a high 4000mm Hydrostatic Head – over 2.5x the British Standard for fabric to be deemed water repellant. The outer rain-fly is flame retardant to CPAI-84 standard*, and UV+50 coated (introduced in 2019) to help protect from harmful UV rays and improve fabric performance for longer. This 3 season camping tent can be pitched (and packed) faster than an equivalent pole and sleeve tent thanks to the innovative all-in-one FlashFrame™ Pitch and Pack System. Up in a flash!

The FlashFrame™ is an exoskeleton frame system which enables the user to quickly pitch the inner and outer layers together, at the same time, in seconds. No springs to rust, no leaky gasses or cords to break, just ingenious design! So no more pitching the inner tent first and then the outer, which can be time consuming and especially problematic during wet conditions. The FlashFrame™ solves this problem!


*NB. The GOBI 3 requires one fiber pole (supplied) to be installed – the FlashFrame™ does all the rest! We redesigned the vestibule porch pole sleeve in 2019 to make pitching and packing even quicker and easier!


The GOBI 3 offers a self contained bug-free sleeping area (approx 200 x 200-230cm) suitable for 2-3 persons. Redesigned in 2019, the back wall tapers to increase the internal footprint to ~230cm at the longest point. A separate roomy porch area suitable for campers needing sheltered storage for muddy boots and additional gear. The porch area is complete with two PVC Windows with fully zippable internal privacy screens – perfect for illuminating the inside of your tent especially on a rainy day! The internal Loft Storage Net and Side Storage Pockets (max load 2kg) are ideal for storing mobile phones, keys or other light weight accessories for easy access.


NEW and 2021 additions carried over:

  • UV+50 coating
  • 4000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Re-designed porch (vestibule) pole sleeve to make pitching and packing even quicker and easier
  • Solid injection moulded Poles (New in 2021)
  • Re-engineered inner door and mesh panel with stuff pocket
  • Re-designed sleeping area – tapered footprint to offer 12″ (30cm) deeper internal floor space – see graphic
  • Zippable rear wall electric cable access point to internal tent
  • “No-See-Um” micro bug mesh throughout
  • Re-designed two point guy system to offer additional support and stability to the tent.
  • FlashPack™ Roll-Top Quick Stuff Carry Case


Recommended accessories (subject to availability):


FOOTPRINT GROUNDSHEET PROTECTOR – Increase the life of your tent and protect the underside of your integrated groundsheet from abrasion and general wear and tear by using a compatible FootPrint GroundProtector. Using a FootPrint Ground Protector helps increase ground insulation too. The FootPrint GroundProtector is tailored 10cm smaller than the integrated groundsheet to stop rain water channelling between the two layers.


CANOPY POLE SET – Transform your outer front door into a canopy awning using the CANOPY POLE SET. Should be used on a still and ideally a dry day. Comes complete with foldable powder coated steel poles, guy ropes and pegs.


EXTRA GUY KIT – Reinforce your GOBI tent using the Extra Guy Kit. Crucial if wind or gust speeds exceed 25 mph. Note: 32mph is moderate gale conditions. Complete with 4 velcro banded guy ropes and aluminium ground stakes. Fasten the velcro banded webbing to your FlashFrame system to offer increased stability and protection during windier conditions. Highly recommended if you are travelling away, or as a precaution should you experience unexpected inclement and breezier weather conditions. Ensure your tent is fully guyed out even on a still day.


SAFETY NOTICE: Camping in windy conditions is not recommended and should be avoided for safety reasons. Check the recommended usage guidelines in the instructions. Always check wind and gust strength forecasts prior to your excursion. Winds may appear calm but gust strength may be very high. Avoid pitching in windy or breezy conditions. Wind and gusts can be extremely destructive and can damage temporary shelters such as tents and awnings not covered under warranty. Ensure the equipment is not left to freestand for any length of time – peg and guy out immediately after operating and locking the FlashFrame – even if airing out in the back yard.


*FIRE SAFETY NOTICE: A flame retardant fabric does not certify that the fabric or tent is fire proof. Fabric will still burn if exposed to a naked flame. Flame retardant fabrics will only reduce the rate in which fabric will ignite and burn. Great care should always be taken when camping. Keep heat sources away from the tent. In the event of a fire, evacuate the tent immediately. Specialist coatings (waterproofing, flame retardancy and UV+) will diminish over time and with usage.

Additional information

Fire Safety

A flame retardant fabric does not certify that the fabric or tent is fire proof. Fabric will still burn if exposed to a naked flame. Flame retardant fabrics will only reduce the rate in which fabric will ignite and burn. Great care should always be taken when camping. Keep heat sources away from the tent. In the event of a fire, evacuate the tent immediately. The Flame Retardant treatment will diminish over time and with exposure to the elements.

UV Protection

UV+50. Protection will deminish over time and with exposure to the elements. The fabric coating should not be a substitute for suitable skin protection.

Image Disclaimer

Images supplied are concept images. The concept images are a close representation of the design, but some design features may differ to that shown. Colour tone may differ slightly to that shown and displayed on screen.

17 reviews for Slumit GOBI 3 Man Tent with FlashFrame Pitch + Pack System

  1. sheenakblackmore (verified owner)

    Gobi 3 (2019)
    Great tent. I bought it for Glastonbury 2019 and after over 6 hours queueing, it was great to pop up the tent in a few minutes. Just enjoyed Glastonbury 2022 and my Slumit was much admired. It is very roomy and the pockets are sturdy and very useful. I love the canopy which provides shade or shelter. The front portion is excellent storage for boots, cooking gear, chairs etc. I use the footprint which keeps the bottom of the tent clean. Putting down the tent is a doddle but I recommend reading the instructions every time as I did manage to snap a leg when I didn’t unlock the mechanism fully. Luckily the after sales service is superb and spare parts are available. Keep up the great work Slumit.

    Sheena Blackmore

    • Slumit

      Hi Sheena, Thank you for your review, and glad you like your GOBI 3. Yes we would always recommend to avoid damage to reference the carry case instructions or the Setup User Guide and Folding & Packing Guide closely – emailed at time of order. We understand the hub was not released before attempting to fold the leg resulting in the damage. 🙁 Once the hub has been unlocked, released and lowered, keep the hub vertical (pointing to the sky), open the lower leg joint (if closed) before proceeding to fold the leg inwards. You should not feel resistance. If you do, check the joint is open, and the hub is vertical. Please do not force. I hope this helps and others reading this 🙂 Thanks again! The Slumit Team

  2. Sander Chaverri (verified owner)

    Great tent I bought it for Motorcycle trips and more have used in low temperatures and higher and it works great always the only downsize is to closed as much as possible but not impossible, add the extra canopy tubes for the door it’s a great addition

  3. jardin.concepter (verified owner)

    Just bought my gobi 3 and it is absolutely amazing and very spacious indeed ,also the zips work extremely well. Its a very clever design and looks great in chocolate colour. I also bought the awning pole set and recommend you buy the extra footprint groundsheet . I aim to travel extensively around the uk and europe with it . It is a impressive bit of kit . Well done slumit ,,,,,my only criticism is that the pegs are a bit flimsy ,. I shall recommend friends your amazing tent ,and in 5 years time will get another gobi 3
    kind regards Mark

  4. Trevor Lawless (verified owner)

    I am not a camping expert but I am utterly blown away by the quality of the build and the service. The tent can be assembled in 90 seconds (without the pegs and ropes) so very useful. I cant wait to bring my kids camping once this Covid mess lifts.

  5. Adam Ward (verified owner)

    Tent goes up really fast and comes down just as easy! Held up in fast winds and heavy rain. Slumit are brilliant to deal with before/after sale. 5 stars all round.

  6. Chris B (verified owner)

    What a fantastic tent – the flashframe is so easy to use and the tent folds away so easily too .. I have a few envious friends who will be buying too. Well done Slumit!

  7. Andrew ‘Windy’ Miller (verified owner)

    What a fab tent. I bought a Gobi after a couple of guys (no pun) after seeing their Gobi’s. I’ve always used a wee Vango Banshee or my really old Terra Nova but needed more space for an airbed as thermarest wasn’t comfy for a multi day camp.

    Love the flashframe, even on first attempt it was a doddle. A well made and functional tent with nice touches, I don’t know what the wee zip is bottom left though.

    A real improvement is the new porch threading much better than on the older models I’ve seen.

    I’ll be sure to recommend to anyone looking for a quality tent with such ease of pitching.


    Slumit’s Response: Thank you Windy for taking the time to leave a review, and we’re so pleased that you like the new features on the latest 2019 model. The small zip you reference at the back of the sleeping area is the electricity access point – so that you can run a cable into the tent. Another new feature. Thanks again for your review. Have a wonderful Easter Holiday ?

  8. Anthony Allen (verified owner)

    Was going to buy a Hilleberg staika but £1000. Then seen Slumit gobi3 online read reviews and looked on youtube as with the staika.
    it was a no brainer so went for gobi 3 very happy well made tent ideal for me fishing by river Anthony Allen Liverpool

  9. Peter Waterworth

    Gobi 3 tent, amazing tent, and so are there staff, owned Gobi 3 for 4.5 years now, been everywhere on the back of my motorcycle to rallies and touring in all weathers, never got wet inside even with the mesh panels it stayed warm even when camping in the snow. Big plus for touring, really fast put up time with plenty of space inside for 2 grown ups and all the touring gear. Really quick to drop too, once you get the knack you can even fold it smaller than the storage bag. The one feature which was very useful was the center hook for a hanging light. But due to needing a replacement part which is no longer available as my tent is old, Slumit have sorted me out with another Gobi 3, Well worth its money, best tent ive used to date. Thanks Slumit.

    Slumit’s Response: Thank you Peter for your review, and we hope you receive many years of use from your replacement graded GOBI. Your new order should be with you soon. 🙂

  10. dfrob2410 (verified owner)

    Donzie Robson. This is my 2nd Slumit Gobi, the 1st being the Gobi 3 [2014 model] and now the 2019 Gobi 3. Again, top quality standard. Of all the upgraded tweaks, to me the best has to be the channel for the “vestibule” pole as I call it. I was almost thinking of going for the Cub as getting the pole in and out of the long material sleeve was putting me off. Thankfully, it works out that there are only 2 small sleeves to guide the pole through and 4 clips. This takes a lot of strain off the sleeves and it can be done very quickly. Great tent.

    Slumit’s Response: Thank’s Donzie for your review and glad you like the 2019 GOBI updates 🙂 For those reading this and interested in the redesigned vestibule sleeve; we tested various new pole sleeve designs using several prototypes. Among the 15 product testers, 13 found the two short pole sleeves design above the door (to replace one long sleeve like on earlier GOBI models), offered a speedier pitch and pack. The two shorter sleeves help position and hold the vestibule (porch) pole while the four pole clips are attached, all whilst placing less stress on the vestibule pole – this when compared to the other prototype designs. Other prototype designs we tested included: one medium length sleeve and clips, one short sleeve and clips, or no sleeve and all clips. The two short sleeve and clips came up trumps, so glad you like too. Thanks again for your review and support Donzie. It’s greatly appreciated.?

  11. Hans Jürgen Husmann

    During my motorcycle trip, through the Four Corners states of the USA, the Gobi 3 was the best tent.
    Many people were amazed how fast it is set up.
    The Gobi 3 is very comfortable and offers plenty of space, also in the entrance area is enough space for luggage – shoes, etc.
    I even made my food warm and coffee in the sheltered entrance area.
    I camped on stony and sandy ground and it did not take any damage, it is very sturdy!
    Probably the most beautiful campground, “The Fiew” in Monument Valley, the brown color adapted perfectly to the landscape.
    I am very happy that I have chosen this tent.
    Harley-Davidson Road Trip “Four Corners” USA:

  12. Thieery Darras

    Used in the North, the South of Europe, excellent product for biker and other camper. Possibility of using it for a few hours of rest without planting sardines, if no wind. Suggestion maybe modify the door arch so that it does not have to go through the fabric guide.

  13. Joseph Cassidy

    Excellent tent, lightweight and very easily set up. would strongly recommend for motorcycle touring.

  14. Toomas Rand

    Gooood tent and keeps 19 h rain away!

  15. Adam

    This tent is fantastic! I recently used it for a weekend in France for Le Mans 24 which was made a lot more enjoyable by having a tent that was up to the job. It pitches in no time and is packed away just as quickly, it also fits back in the bag easily (unlike others). No bugs at all managed to make their way into the sleeping area either. I’d definitely recommend this tent to anybody looking for a reliable tent that’s easy to use.

  16. Donzie Robson

    Got my Gobi 4 years ago, and it’s still going strong. So easy, it erects in minutes which is the envy of my rally mates. So much so that 3 guys have now got the Gobi and another guy opted for the Cub. By the end of this rally season my Gobi may be on its limit, but I will be back onto Slumit for another. Great tent for the price

  17. Mrs N Wheatley

    This company is brilliant, they make excellent products and their service really is second to none. Very friendly and helpful people. This is our second Gobi tent, with our first tent purchased about 7 years ago. We couldn’t resist the windows on this model (our old model was windowless) and this really does make a big difference. A number of times it has rained and the windows make the experience of sitting inside the tent far more enjoyable. There are plenty of upgrades from our older tent and all are very positive changes. The colour is slightly different too from my old gobi which offers a very pleasant light ambience when relaxing inside. My husband and I camp and tour regularly and we have recently returned from a trip around Europe. Our tent performed wonderfully and can vouch for the waterproofness. We had 3 days of rain, and we were kept dry. Very easy to pitch and put away. Packing does take a little getting used to but once you get the knack which doesn’t take long, getting back in the bag is no problem. Thank you Slumit, Mrs N Wheatley ?

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