How to Pitch Successfully


NB: For the GOBI 3 and GRIZZLY 4 we recommend a minimum operator height of 5’4″ and 5’8″ respectively, with reasonable upper body strength.

To ensure a successful pitch, ensure all legs are opened and extended fully as per the carry case instructions. Lift the central hub as high as you can reach – ideally above head height – before engaging the FlashFrame system.

This should ensure all four legs extend and pitch correctly. Lock the underside of the central hub. If one or more legs do not extend automatically and you need to manually extend a leg please refer to the Setup Guide > Troubleshooting section on how to safely extend a leg manually. If all four legs do not extend, usually means the central hub has not been lifted high enough, or the fabric is restricting movement – check to ensure the leg is not caught or being restricted. Further details in the guide below.

Further tips are provided in the Setup Guide.