Slumit CUB 2 Man Tent with FlashFrame Pitch + Pack System

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The 2024 Slumit CUB 2 Berth (1+1) carries on from the all-new 2019 features which packed our largest number of design and performance upgrades in over 10 years, with some added under the bonnet tweaks to both tent and FlashFrame seen in the 2021! The CUB 2 is a high spec two layer tent with a waterproof, flame retardant (to CPAI-84) and UV+50 outer rainfly, and a separate bug-free, breathable inner sleeping area suitable for 1-2 persons. This three season camping tent can be pitched (and packed) faster than an equivalent pole and sleeve tent thanks to the Original and innovative all-in-one FlashFrame™ Pitch + Pack System. Scroll down for the full feature list including our minimum user recommendations to safely and successfully pitch the CUB 2 straight out the carry case ..

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Specs + Sizing

Pitch + Pack System


Additional Poles


Number of Seasons

3 (Spring / Summer / Autumn)

Max Berth Sleeper


Recommended People w/Gear


Bug-Free Sleeping Area


Air Vents


Approx Packed Size


Approx Packed Weight

4.0kg (8.8lbs)

External Height


External Width


External Depth


Sleeping Area Height


Sleeping Area Width


Sleeping Area Depth


Waterproof Rating (HH)


Tape Seal


Pole Construction


Outer Rain-fly

Polyester 190T


Breathable Polyester


PE 120g

Mosquito Mesh

Micro (no-see-um). Upgraded spec in 2023.

# of Porches / Vestibules


# of Sleeping Areas


# of Doors


# of Privacy Windows


Model Number


Main Colour

Russet Brown

Generation Year of Manufacture

14th (2024) BN23553

*Dimensions and weights are approximates. Externals are overall dimensions.


• Additional Poles are non FlashFrame poles. IE. Poles to create the vestibule / porch area. The FlashFrame does the rest. Additional Poles are supplied.
• Berth refers to maximum number of people to sleep within the tent. Based on average height and build. The maximum capacity may be cosy subject to the size and frame of the camper(s) and gear stowed. Please check detailed floorplan graphic to ensure inner sleeping area is suitable for your needs.
• CPAI-84 Fire Retardant fabric does not mean the tent is fireproof. Fabric will still burn. Take caution when camping, not to use heat or flammable sources in or around your tent.
• Air Vents help increase air flow into the tent and sleeping area. Keeping the air vents open will help reduce condensation. Closing the vents will help trap some of the warmer moist air but will increase condensation.
• UV+ fabric protection should not be a substitute for applying suitable skin protection. The fabric coating will degrade over time and exposure to the elements.


  • 2 Berth Tent (max 2 persons, perfect for 1 person + gear)
  • Double Layered Rainfly and Breathable Inner with FlashFrame™ Pitch System
  • 4000mm HH Waterproof Outer Rain-fly  *(2019+ spec)
  • Strong Solid 8.5mm Jointed Fiberglass Pole with FlashFrame™ Technology  *(2021+ design)
  • Pano-View Outer Door PVC Window  *(2019+ design)
  • “No-See-Um” mesh upgrade. Now with finer micro mesh. Bug-Free Ventilated Sleeping Area. New 2023/24 spec.
  • Flame Retardant* fabric to CPAI-84 standard
  • UV+50 Coated  *(2019+ spec)
  • “Open Fully” Inner Door with Corner Stuff Pocket  *(2019+ design)
  • Breathable Inner Layer with “No-See-Um” Mesh. Now with finer bug mesh. New 2023/24 spec.
  • Sewn-In “Bath Tub” Style 10,000mm HH Waterproof Groundsheet
  • Thermobonded Taped Seams
  • Separate Compact Porch Area for Gear
  • Zippable rear wall electric cable access point to internal tent  *(2019+ addition)
  • Two Adjustable “No-See-Um” Meshed Side Vents for Excellent Bug-Free Sleeping Ventilation
  • Strong 8.5mm Jointed Fiberglass Pole with FlashFrame™ Technology
  • High quality zippers with branded rubber pullers
  • Standard Ground Pegs
  • Lantern Hook (Max. Load 5kg)
  • 5 Pre-Attached High Visibility Guy Ropes
  • Internal Side Pockets for Lightweight Accessories (Max. Load 1kg)
  • Internal Loft Storage Net (Max. Load 2kg) with Lantern Hook Access
  • Steel Ground Pegs (for soft ground)
  • FlashPack™ Roll-Top Drawcord Quick Stuff Carry Case  *(2019+ design)
  • Colour: Russet Brown with White detailing.

Construction + Materials

The 2024 Slumit CUB 2 berth (1+1) comes packed with design and performance upgrades carried over from the 2019, 2020 model, with the added tweaks and adjustments for improved performance to both tent and FlashFrame seen in the 2021 model. Including the upgraded finer “no-see-um” micro bug mesh throughout which was a 2023 addition – ideal for areas with serious midge issues, like the Scottish Highlands!


IMPORTANT INSTALL NOTE. Minimum User Recommendation: The equipment has been designed for speed and efficiency straight-out-the-case. That is why, as with all our tent models, the CUB 2 tent equipment (FlashFrame™, Outer Rainfly and Inner Tent) is supplied pre-connected, as an all-in-one pitch system. Due to the design and pitch technique needed for the CUB 2 FlashFrame™ system, and to ensure the hub is lifted high enough to safely operate the FlashFrame™, we recommend a minimum operator height of 5’1″ (155cm) with good upper body strength. Otherwise users may find operating the CUB 2 FlashFrame™ challenging (straight-out-the-case that is!). And whilst the majority of campers benefit from the speed and ease of the all-in-one pitch system, we offer simple tips that have proven to help those who may find pitching straight-out-the-case challenging. Please contact us for assistance, we are happy to help, or consider the smaller INCA 1 FlashFrame™ Alu tent as an alternative.


**Please Note. Images supplied are concept images. Actual images are expected in due course. The concept images are a close representation of the latest design, but some design features may differ to that shown.**


The CUB 2 is a high spec two layer tent with a waterproof and flame retardant (to CPAI-84) outer rainfly and breathable inner sleeping area. The rain-fly is waterproofed to a high 4000mm Hydrostatic Head – over 2.5x the British Standard for fabric to be deemed water repellant. The outer rain-fly is flame retardant to CPAI-84 standard*, and UV+50 coated (introduced in 2019) to help protect from harmful UV rays and improve fabric performance for longer. This 3 season camping tent can be pitched (and packed) faster than an equivalent pole and sleeve tent thanks to the innovative all-in-one FlashFrame™ Pitch and Pack System. Up in a flash!


Sit and admire the view! Introduced in 2019, the outer door Pano-View PVC window offers a peek of the peak. Enjoy the wild surroundings, or check the queues to the festival loos without opening the outer door. Closing the inner door will offer privacy from the outside.


This 3 season camping tent can be pitched (and packed) faster than an equivalent pole and sleeve tent thanks to the innovative all-in-one FlashFrame™ Pitch and Pack System.


The FlashFrame™ is an exoskeleton frame system which enables the user to quickly pitch the inner and outer layers together, at the same time, in seconds. No springs to rust, no leaky gasses or cords to break, just ingenious design since 2008! So no more pitching the inner tent first and then the outer, which can be time consuming and especially problematic during wet conditions. The FlashFrame™ solves this problem!


The CUB 2 offers a self contained bug-free sleeping area (approx 200 x 135-165cm) suitable for 1-2 persons, with a separate compact porch area suitable for campers needing sheltered storage for muddy boots and additional gear. The internal Loft Storage Net and Side Storage Pockets (max load 2kg) are ideal for storing mobile phones, keys or other light weight accessories for easy access.


The Slumit CUB 2 FlashFrame™ tent is a perfect camping solution for long weekend breaks and festivals.


NEW and 2021 additions carried over:

  • UV+50 coating
  • 4000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Pano-View PVC Outer Door Window
  • Solid injection moulded Poles (New in 2021)
  • Re-engineered inner door and mesh panel with stuff pocket
  • Re-designed sleeping area – tapered footprint to offer 12″ (30cm) deeper internal floor space – see floor plan graphic
  • Zippable rear wall electric cable access point to internal tent
  • “No-See-Um” Micro mesh upgrade. New 2023 Spec. Stonger and finer mesh holes than standard mesh, means even the tiniest of blood thirsty midgies (AKA “no-see-ums”) will struggle to get in. Ideal for areas with serious midge issues!
  • Re-designed two point guy system to offer additional support and stability to the tent.
  • FlashPack™ Roll-Top Drawcord Quick Stuff Carry Case


Recommended accessories (subject to availability):


FOOTPRINT GROUNDSHEET PROTECTOR – Increase the life of your tent and protect the underside of your integrated groundsheet from abrasion and general wear and tear by using a compatible FootPrint GroundProtector. Using a FootPrint Ground Protector helps increase ground insulation too. The FootPrint GroundProtector is tailored 10cm smaller than the integrated groundsheet to stop rain water channeling between the two layers.


CANOPY POLE SET – Transform your outer front door into a canopy awning using the CANOPY POLE SET. Should be used on a still and ideally a dry day. Comes complete with foldable powder coated steel poles, guy ropes and pegs.


EXTRA GUY KIT – Reinforce your CUB tent using the Extra Guy Kit. Complete with 4 velcro banded guy ropes and aluminium ground stakes. Fasten the velcro banded webbing to your FlashFrame system to offer increased stability and protection during windier conditions. Highly recommended if you are travelling away, or as a precaution should you experience unexpected inclement and breezier weather conditions. Ensure your tent is fully guyed out even on a still day.


SAFETY NOTICE: Camping in windy conditions is not recommended and should be avoided for safety reasons. Check the recommended usage guidelines in the instructions. Always check wind and gust strength forecasts prior to your excursion. Winds may appear calm but gust strength may be very high. Avoid pitching in windy or breezy conditions. Wind and gusts can be extremely destructive and can damage temporary shelters such as tents and awnings not covered under warranty. Ensure the equipment is not left to freestand for any length of time – peg and guy out immediately after operating and locking the FlashFrame – even if airing out in the back yard.


*FIRE SAFETY NOTICE: A flame retardant fabric does not certify that the fabric or tent is fire proof. Fabric will still burn if exposed to a naked flame. Flame retardant fabrics will only reduce the rate in which fabric will ignite and burn. Great care should always be taken when camping. Keep heat sources away from the tent. In the event of a fire, evacuate the tent immediately. Specialist coatings (waterproofing and flame retardancy) will diminish over time and with usage.

Additional information

Fire Safety

A flame retardant fabric does not certify that the fabric or tent is fire proof. Fabric will still burn if exposed to a naked flame. Flame retardant fabrics will only reduce the rate in which fabric will ignite and burn. Great care should always be taken when camping. Keep heat sources away from the tent. In the event of a fire, evacuate the tent immediately. The Flame Retardant treatment will diminish over time and with exposure to the elements.

UV Protection

UV+50. Protection will deminish over time and with exposure to the elements. The fabric coating should not be a substitute for suitable skin protection.

Image Disclaimer

Images supplied are concept images. The concept images are a close representation of the design, but some design features may differ to that shown. Colour tone may differ slightly to that shown and displayed on screen.

20 reviews for Slumit CUB 2 Man Tent with FlashFrame Pitch + Pack System

  1. neilroberts1967 (verified owner)

    First time using this on a 2 day motorcycle trip to North Yorkshire , firstly it’s a breeze to put up i purchased the footprint as well on the second night it started to rain from around 6pm and it got heavier as the eve/night went on and by 6am the next morning it had just about stopped what i will say is after 12 hours of heavy consistent rain i stayed completely dry and snug apart from condensation which was expected due to the humidity i have no complaints about this tent as to if it is weather tight or not because it was a baptism of fire on its first outing , i just need a tarp to go with it just hope slumit design a tent specific one …the only reason i am giving the review 4 stars is the supplied tent pegs which are naff and not fit for purpose i binned these of and got some heavy duty pegs.

    • Slumit

      Hi Neil, Thank you for your review and we are pleased you like your CUB 2 and the equipment performed in prolonged rain. Condensation is an unavoidable field bane, but the ventilation and 2 skin design, helps minimise condensation entering the sleeping area. In regard to ground pegs, we supply standard steel pegs suitable for most camping pitches with soft to medium ground. Other terrains, hard or stoney ground may require alternative stakes for suitable fixing. We hope this helps in some way. Thanks again for your order and support! The Slumit Team

  2. jarek1066

    Great tent for motorbike touring. I’ve got slumit cube 2 oldest version. It’s serve me well for few years and my trips in Uk and Europe from Gibraltar to Albania. On rainy weather easy to pitch and easy to pack compering to my older tent and I always dry inside. It was used well and now the hinges are wobble and in little bit windy conditions can „ fall down”, but after so many times pitch and pack I’m not blaming it. Highly recommended! Very happy!

    • Slumit

      Hi Jarek, Thank you for your review. We see you own a late 2016 CUB 2 model. We are pleased the equipment has served you well over the years and on various overseas excursions. Please do get in touch with our team, as it may be that the frame or one of the legs needs servicing, which is relatively quick and simple for your model and batch year, using one of the Leg Repair Kits, available to order on our web site. We also sell replacement FlashFrame’s subject to availability due to the age of the model you own. If you feel the equipment is in need of a service or home repair, please contact us so we can help advise further 🙂 Thanks again! The Slumit Team

  3. Ashley Webb (verified owner)

    I bought this tent to use on motorcycle camping trips. Just the right length to fit on my bike.
    Easy to put up with loads of room inside for me and my gear.
    One thing that would be useful is a storage dry bag to put it in when travelling on my bike to help protect it from the elements.

  4. John Bergin

    I bought a Slumit Cub 2man tent, I have used it many times myself and now my son uses it, because he likes his own space when we go away in our Motor home. I spent many hours searching for the perfect product and this was it, everything you need, easily and quick to erect with the fly and easily folded, it’s as good as quick release bolts on a bike. I carelessly broke a fibreglass leg the last time I used it and thought I might need a new tent but Slumit sent me a fantastic replacement kit with tools and instructions to simply replace the leg for £10 and the customer service is second to none. Slumit is 100% British and I’m proud of them, so many products today come from faceless Chinese companies with somewhat broken English instructions and little customer support in my opinion. So well done Slumit for your superior product, which I personally recommend on quality, price and customer service 😀

  5. Tim Simpson (verified owner)

    Fantastic!, turn up to the campsite, within two minutes, tents up, gears stowed, and sit back and relax whilst watching everyone else running around (obviously I could help!). Great product and quality, and as a bonus compact and easy to carry/transport around.
    I have to say that the customer service that I have received from Slumit, with any queries/questions has been second to none. Thank you and great kit. Will recommend you.

  6. Michael smyth

    This is the best tent I have had the slumit 2 for motorcycle camping got 50mph winds on a camping trip and very heavy ran all Knight was dry and no damp the next morning take the Peg’s out give it a shake and it drys very quick

  7. David Seaman (verified owner)

    Been a camper for a long time,last year got a Gobi 3 as was fed up of threading poles,absolutely awsome bit of kit.I travel mainly on a motorcycle so weight not so important,but this is quite a big tent for one so have just got a cub 2 and on first look it’s even better with the updates lookingforward to my first trip.Just want to thank the team especially Marion who go out of there way to make shure all is ok..Brilliant service .Thanks

    Slumit’s Response: Thanks for your feedback David and pleased you like the new upgrades on the CUB 2. The GOBI 3 also went through an upgrade this season. Thank you again for your support, and happy camping.

  8. Hans Jürgen Husmann (verified owner)

    After my Harley Davidson tour of the USA in 2018, with the Gobi 3 (Reviews is Gobi 3,) with which I was very satisfied, especially because of its comfortable size, I have now, for my Bycycle tours, the new Cub 2 Bought.
    I love the FLASHFRAME PITCH + PACK SYSTEM! You can not build a tent faster and more comfortably.
    With 3.5 kg, it has a light weight at this size.
    It is enough for 2 people, because you have plenty of space for luggage, shoes, etc. in the protected entrance area.
    For 1 person it is perfect, very comfortable and lots of space!
    What I like very much are the many storage compartments on the side wall and the net under the ceiling with the hole in the middle, so you can hang a lighting, it was thought of everything!
    And while wild camping, the brown color is of course an advantage.
    Everyone was thrilled with yesterday’s first set-up, and my friend has also chosen this tent, he wants to do a summer bycycle tour of Alaska.
    And not forgetting the service of the slumit team. A very nice contact and questions will be answered immediately.
    I can count on you, thank you!

  9. Ian Smith

    Slumit Flashframe Quick Erect Popup Tent Gets My Vote. An amazing tent which took me about 30 seconds to put up. This is an absolute must have tent if you are tired and its raining and you need immediate shelter. I would highly recommend this product.

  10. Matt

    Absolutely brilliant tent, bought for a motorcycle trip. Small pack size and literally takes 20 seconds to put up (including pegging out). Good quality with a built in ground sheet, very roomy for a two man tent. Two of the guys coming on the trip who saw how easy it was to set up have since bought themselves one each. Would definitely reccomend.

  11. Frazer Langford MOTORBIKEWAY

    As a keen motorcycle camping enthusiast, I have tried many different tents over the years, but the CUB2 definitely comes out on top (especially for its ease of use, quick setup, and size). The tent when packed away is a good practical size for my motorbike pillion seat, and at a practical weight of just 3.5 kg, you hardly notice it on the bike. The specification of the tent is comfortable, practical and incredibly easy to pitch. As a motorcyclist, you tend to experience a lot of fatigue from long distance riding, and it’s nice to know that within a minute of parking the motorbike, the tent is pitched and instantly protecting me from the elements. The tent is double skinned, with multi-pockets on the inside, it has a decent sized porch area, a lantern hook, and even a roof shelf. The main thing that attracts me to this particular company, is their patented Flashframe technology. This in simple terms is a system that allows you to take the tent out of the bag, unfold the legs, lift up the centre and click the two sections together, allowing the frame to expand and lock in to place. It is literally pitched in ten seconds, once it’s out the bag and spread on the floor. You just lift up and connect and lock. I was so impressed by the simplicity of this system, that after purchasing this model a couple years ago, I made a video and posted it to YouTube, solely to demonstrate its speed and simplicity to erect. I have now got my hands on the newer CUB2, which has been tweaked and upgraded. The tent is more than just a novelty, it will comfortably hold 2 people and basic luggage, or one person and their entire months camping arsenal. The outer rain fly is a very reassuring 3000 MMHH, which means you won’t have to worry about rain making its way in through most of the seasons. The floor is a bathtub style groundsheet, so protects you in long wet grass. Although this tent is very stable with the guy ropes attached, I now also have the extra guy support kit and peg set, which Slumit claims will offer even more support in higher winds. It is probably not needed for normal conditions, but I would happily ride out a storm with this tent. I hope you found this review helpful, and you can watch a video of me pitching the tent here on MOTORBIKEWAY:


    Scootering classics: Long Term Test – Slumit Cub II.
    It’s easy to quote a press release or live with a tent for one or two nights but how does the Slumit Cub II fare under prolonged use? After six months I’m very impressed. Erecting the tent is similar to putting up an umbrella — simply spread out the tents ‘legs’, lift the centre pole and simply click into place. I found that as long as care is taken to align its joints, the tent can be up or down in about the time it takes to unload. Once packed away the tent is slightly narrower than a scooter headset which is an important consideration if you want to avoid humiliation while filtering! Inside the condensation reducing twin-skin construction there’s just room for an inflatable double mattress and there are plenty of storage pouches. The loft net is particularly useful, being ideal for keeping fragile items like spectacles out of harm’s way. Read the full CUB 2 review here:

  13. Mike Vocke

    If your looking for a great tent for your next camping trip I highly recommend the Slumit Cub 2. I am currently starting my third month on the road motocamping across the US on a National Parks tour. So far I have visited 8 states; 19 National Parks and the cub 2 has held up surprisingly well. It goes up and is ready to use really quick. I have had good weather most of the trip and the one instance when it was raining I was able to set up the tent, get inside and wait out the worst of the rain. Besides the quick set up the little things mean a lot. For instance the small pockets on the inside perimeter of the tent make it handy to stow last minute items before going to sleep and the hooks for hanging lamps are handy. Overall I’d rate the tent 4.5 stars! The only knock being for a sturdier carrying bag, but then I’m on a bike and the tent gets packed about every other day, so the bag gets quite a bit of abuse.
    Overall a great tent, one I’d surely recommend!
    Mike Vocke
    Somewhere In The Pacific Northwest, USA

  14. Whitey

    Got a Cub from a recommendation from a mate in my Harley Riders club who has a Gobi. I didn’t want as big a tent as that but the Cub has plenty room. Goes up in minutes and has no rods to feed thro. Best tent I’ve had.

  15. Adam Baker

    Cub II. Does what it says on the tin. Brilliant! Never been impressed with pop up tents, until now! As far as the tent goes it does everything stated really well with all guides and literature easy to follow. It takes me less than 30 seconds to put the tent up with one or two practices (from bag to pitched). I have used it once during some recent fine weather and found pitching, packing and using the tent really practical and functional. My 13 year old is going to be using the tent for a surfing week soon and he only put the tent up twice on his own before pichinging it perfectly in seconds. Not sure how the tent will stand up to really bad weather (not tested yet) but after one use i am confidant. As far as customer service etc from Slumit, I cannot fault them, I haven’t had any issues but have been regularly informed on what to do if…….. etc. Thank you slumit, I’m really impressed with your product.

  16. P. Baker

    I have found the tent to be a excellent purchase.i am really pleased with and an excellent tent for my fourth coming motorcycle camping trip.

  17. John Sheward

    A Good Buy. The tent is amazingly sophisticated and simple use. The materials are very light and strong. You can already guess I am a fan. Your service and the quality of the product are a credit to your company.

  18. Philip

    Great product!

  19. Darrell

    Good quality however….The netting isnt fine enough to stop midges and being from Scotland its pretty much useless to me love the tent design and quality just a shame about the netting ill keep it for winter 🙂

    Slumit’s Response: Thanks for your feedback on the 2016 model. Pre 2018 tent models were supplied with standard mosquito mesh – the same mesh thickness and denier found on the vast majority of general camping tents on the market. Field tested throughout the UK and Europe (in all seasons) and have proved to keep midgies at bay. New 2018 models offer an even finer mesh (finest money can buy – as found on high altitude tents), along with other design tweaks and improvements. Hope this reassures and we’re happy to answer any questions. Thank you for your support.

  20. Harry

    Excellent piece of kit, ideal for backpackers or bikers. Light, compact and quick

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