Slumit INCA 1 Tent with Aluminium FlashFrame Quick Pitch and Pack System

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Introducing the INCA 1. An innovative, light and compact 2 layer technical tent suitable for 1 person, that can be pitched (and packed) in seconds using the Original FlashFrame™ Alu all-in-one Quick Pitch and Pack System – up in a flash! The outer and inner layers pitch simultaneously. The INCA 1 includes a waterproof ripstop polyester outer rainfly and separate breathable inner sleeping area. The four season INCA 1 can be pitched and packed faster than an equivalent pole tent, ensuring your pre-connected inner tent remains dry during pitching. Scroll down for the full feature list and specification ..

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How to Pitch the INCA 1 FlashFrame tent

Specs + Sizing

Pitch + Pack System

FlashFrame™ Alu

Additional Poles

1 Alu (7001 Grade)

Number of Seasons


Max Berth Sleeper


Recommended People w/Gear


Bug-Free Sleeping Area

Yes, breathable and 'no-see-um' mesh

Air Vents


Approx Packed Size


Approx Packed Weight

2.5kg (5.6lbs)

External Height


External Width


External Depth


Sleeping Area Height


Sleeping Area Width


Sleeping Area Depth


Waterproof Rating (HH)


Tape Seal

Yes, thermobonded

Pole Construction

Alu 7001 Grade

Outer Rain-fly

Ripstop Polyester 210T


Breathable Polyester


Technical, polyoxford 150D

Mosquito Mesh

Fine (no-see-um)

# of Porches / Vestibules


# of Sleeping Areas


# of Doors


# of Privacy Windows


Model Number


Main Colour

Spring Green

Generation Year of Manufacture

1st (New 2018)

*Dimensions and weights are approximates. Externals are overall dimensions.


• Additional Poles are non FlashFrame poles. IE. Poles to create the vestibule / porch area. The FlashFrame does the rest. Additional Poles are supplied.
• Berth refers to maximum number of people to sleep within the tent. The maximum capacity may be cosy subject to the size and frame of the camper(s) and gear stowed.
• CPAI-84 Fire Retardant fabric does not mean the tent is fireproof. Fabric will still burn. Take caution when camping, not to use heat or flammable sources in or around your tent.
• Air Vents help increase air flow into the tent and sleeping area. Keeping the air vents open will help reduce condensation. Closing the vents will help trap some of the warmer moist air but will increase condensation.


  • 1 Berth Tent
  • Dual Skin with Ripstop Rain-fly and Breathable Inner with FlashFrame™ Alu Pitch+Pack System
  • Lightweight Alu All-In-One Quick Pitch and Pack Solution – up and down in seconds!
  • Bug-Free Ventilated Sleeping Area
  • 5000mm HH Waterproof Ripstop Outer Rain-fly
  • Flame Retardant* fabric (to CPAI-84 standard)
  • Breathable Inner Layer with “No-See-Um” Mesh
  • Strong, Lightweight, Technical Bath-Tub Style Groundsheet, waterproofed to 5000mm HH rating
  • Thermobonded Taped Seams
  • Separate Compact Porch Area for Gear
  • Two Adjustable “No-See-Um” Meshed Side Vents for Excellent Bug-Free Sleeping Ventilation
  • Strong 7001 grade Aluminium Jointed Pole with FlashFrame™ Pitch+Pack Technology
  • Ground Pegs
  • Internal Side Storage Pocket for Lightweight Accessories (Max. Load 1kg)
  • Lantern Hook
  • Colour: Spring Green with Ice White detailing.

Construction + Materials

Introducing the Slumit INCA 1 [1 berth]. An innovative 2 layer technical tent that can be pitched (and packed) in seconds using the original FlashFrame™ Quick Pitch and Pack System – up in a flash!


The INCA 1 includes a waterproof ripstop polyester outer rainfly and separate breathable inner sleeping area. The rain-fly is waterproofed to a high 5000mm Hydrostatic Head and seams are factory sealed using thermobonded tape. The lightweight and strong polyoxford ‘bath-tub’ style groundsheet is waterproofed and sealed.


The FlashFrame™ is an exoskeleton frame system which enables the user to quickly pitch the inner and outer layers together, at the same time, in seconds. So no more pitching the inner tent first and then the outer, which can be time consuming and especially problematic during wet conditions. The Slumit FlashFrame™ solves this problem!


NB. After pitching, the INCA tent requires one aluminium ridge pole (supplied) to be clipped to the rainfly to complete the setup – the FlashFrame™ does all the rest!


The INCA 1 offers a self contained bug-free sleeping area (approx. 210 x 65 cm at the narrowest point, 100cm at the widest point). And depending on the campers size and frame, will offer ample compact space and storage for one person.


A separate compact vestibule area is ideal for the light camper needing sheltered storage for their additional gear!


The INCA 1 comes packed with an internal storage compartment ideal for storing mobile phones, keys or other light weight accessories out the way, yet with easy access!


The Slumit INCA 1 FlashFrame™ tent is a perfect camping solution for the solo nomad out on the trail looking for a quick, robust, lightweight shelter.


Recommended Accessories (subject to availability):


EXTRA GUY KIT – Reinforce your INCA tent using the Extra Guy Kit. Complete with 4 velcro banded guy ropes and heavy duty ground stakes. Fasten the velcro banded webbing to your FlashFrame system to offer increased stability and protection during windier conditions. Highly recommended if you are travelling away, or as a precaution should you experience unexpected inclement and breezier weather conditions. Ensure your tent is fully guyed out even on a still day.


SAFETY NOTICE: Camping in windy conditions is not recommended and should be avoided for safety reasons. Check the recommended user guidelines in the instructions. Always check wind and gust strength forecasts prior to your excursion. Winds may appear calm but gust strength may be very high. Wind and gusts can be extremely destructive and can damage temporary shelters such as tents and awnings not covered under warranty.

8 reviews for Slumit INCA 1 Tent with Aluminium FlashFrame Quick Pitch and Pack System

  1. dirknorton6 (verified owner)

    Delmer summer 2019. My purchase of an Inca 1 proved to be a wise choice for a 4 week kayaking trip on the Danube. I experienced varying weather conditions from thunderstorms to really hot nights. The tent proved to absolutely water tight but also easy to ventilate. The quick pitch was a blessing after a long day paddling, I was able to get rapidly under cover before the mosquitos came in the evening. The Inca also was compact enough to bring on a cycling tour of Ireland. Prompt and very satisfactory customer service.

  2. philyoungphotography (verified owner)

    Extremely well made tent. I use this for motorcycle and hiking camping. The form factor when packed is great for both.

    I’ve used the Inca in all seasons and thought to leave it until I’ve used it enough to leave a review.

    Firstly, I’d say for shorter people like myself, at 5.5 is fine. I probably wouldn’t use it if I were a tall person.

    WATERPROOFING: can’t complain at all. Used it in heavy rain and it doesn’t get through for anything.

    PORCH SPACE – is large enough to fit my large backpack and motorcycle boots. It can fit a lot but you may want to put everything in a dry bag / black bag because the outer can get condensation as all tents.

    INNER SPACE – for short people, perfect. Anyone approaching 6 feet will touch the top and bottom.

    WARMTH – it’s small and has a decent amount of non- breathable fabric inside. I’ve used it at 8°c and slept most of the night outside the bag because it gets so warm! Also helps for winter camping 🙂

    STRENGTH (WIND) – The inca is build like an absolute tank and can easily cope with strong winds. When pegged properly, it almost didn’t even move when you shake it.

    VENTILATION – Here is my only constructive criticism. The vent ports are well thought out in terms of placement but there is a couple of improvements to be had.

    1) The port at the feet end closes as you secure the guy line. This needs to be open as it’s the vent to the outer fabric. With this closed it can get very moist inside.

    2) Due to the warmth inside, it really could do with the ports being able to be open wide – especially in winter where more ventilation is needed to remove that warm air and prevent ventilation. As it is, some of the inner fabric can suffer with condensation (it would be better if all inner fabric wasn’t the sort to collect moisture).

    To combat both points, I have made myself 10cm props, for all vents. This works well.

    Even with the ventilation design flaw, I will easily give this 5* and say its my favourite tent to use.

    I’ve purchased the cub 2 for me and the Mrs. Can’t wait to review that one 🙂

  3. Phil (verified owner)

    I own the Inca and the Gobi lll, having previously owned the Cub ll. took the Inca on a motorcycle tour to Prague, it is small to carry and provides a comfortable space for the overnight stop. I use the GOBI on weekend stays. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SLUMIT tents.

  4. Jason

    Great tent very easy to set up literally 1 minute it’s up ,fits in my rucksack with a bit sticking out top , but brilliant no hesitation recommending well done Slumit

  5. Colin James Armstrong

    I bought and used the Inca at a Motorcycle rally, because of not having Motorcycle luggage , the Inca and all my camping gear went into a 65 litre berghause rucksack. I was surprised that it wasn’t an uncomfortable carry. I’ll award a gold star to Slumit for that. At the campsite erection was easy. I had enough room inside for even for my 1.7m huge bulk, I’m not tall just portly. People around me thought I’d brought a Tardis. I’ll not kid you this is deffinately a 1 person plus equipment tent, but I didn’t feel cramped. The pockets on the inside of the Inca were useful size. The weekend that I used my Inca-1 it rained all day Saturday including a thunderstorm & I remained dry. Taking my tent down was simple and fast. But like all things that are factory wrapped it was bulkier than before .however I had no trouble getting it back into its bag . The attached straps on the bag helped and the strength of the Quality zips on the bag were also a help.
    Slumit give yourself a pat on the back. Aftersales care is brilliant. I had reason to contact them to ask about a groundsheet footprint.
    (They don’t do one as yet,but advice was given as to the sizes I could cut one to )
    I got a speedy and human reply, ie not generated by a machine. You get the impression these people do care, and that’s rare. Well done lads ! I guess this makes me a fan.

  6. Jan houghton

    I am very happy with this tent, it is awesome and it is very easy to erect and very sturdy, the company is very good to deal with and they are extremely efficient in dealing with any questions I throw at them. I look forward to using my tent at Wimbledon this year. The bag that it comes in is also very strong. The quality of the material is also very good.

  7. mark m

    Very happy with it. Going to have some great adventures with it,and would have no hesitation buying one again in the future.

  8. Stephen

    I love this tent! A great bit of kit! The images do not do the quality justice. My mate owns the Cub version but I was looking for something smaller again. Gave it a good test last week and was caught out in wet weather and wind. Stayed nice and dry and did not move. The zipper pulls are great too. Great for my chubby digits. Very pleased, can you tell im a fan! Ste

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