Q. What Force Of Wind Can My Tent Withstand?


A. Our tents have been rigorously factory and field tested and like most camping tents can withstand wind and gust speeds of up to and not exceeding 25mph (40kmph). INCA model 40mph (65kmph). Exposure to winds and gusts outside what is deemed to be fitting conditions may be detriment to the tent and components not covered under warranty*.

Please take care when planning your trip, especially if high winds and gusts have been forecasted. Wind force may be low but be sure to check the gust force. Please click here for a local or national UK wind report. To be used as a guide only.

Consider purchasing the Extra Guy Support Kit (recommended accessory) if you are travelling remotely, overseas, or if you are on a longer excursion which is difficult to plan or foresee weather conditions. The Extra Guy Support Kit is specifically designed to support the frame in breezier conditions. See the Extra Guy Support Kit here for further details.

*We highly recommend taking out camping insurance to cover yourself for any such eventuality; most insurers will cover for storm & wind damage, fire and theft.

IMPORTANT: Information on planning and preparing for breezier conditions are detailed in the User Setup Guide. The Guide includes reference diagrams, tips and advice on guying and pegging correctly, and what can be done to support the equipment in breezier conditions. A copy of the guide is available on our Help Page. Ensure this guide is read in full prior to your excursion.