Slumit Extra Guy Support Kit

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• Compatible with the INCA 1, CUB 2, GOBI 3 and GRIZZLY 4 tent
• Offers increased support and stability in breezier conditions
• Guy ropes and aluminium ground stakes included
• Carry pouch included
• Recommended if you are camping remotely, travelling away or as a precaution should you be met with unexpected weather conditions. Plan and prepare.

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  • Compatible with the INCA 1, CUB 2, GOBI 3 and GRIZZLY 4 tent
  • Offers additional stability and support to your FlashFrame tent in higher winds and gusts exceeding the recommended fitting conditions of 25mph (40kmph)
  • Strong velcro banded guy ropes and aluminium* ground stakes included (*updated in 2020)
  • Carry pouch included
  • Recommended if you are travelling away or as a precaution should you be met with unexpected weather conditions exceeding the recommended wind and gust strengths of 25mph (40kmph).
  • Be safe! With or without this kit, always plan ahead and check weather and wind conditions. Avoid windy conditions where possible, and always check the gust speeds. Winds may be calm, but gusts could exceed the recommended.
  • Approx pack size (and weight): 30 x 6 x 6cm (300g)


Important Notice: Winds exceeding 25mph (40kmph) are bordering moderate gale conditions. See graphic below based on the Beaufort scale.

Avoid damage to equipment by pre-planning. Check wind and gust forecasts before your planned excursion. There are many free and professional paid wind apps and websites (ie. or are good, free forecasting site). Wind and gusts can be very destructive to temporary shelters like tents, not covered under warranty. Familiarise yourself with the pre-fitted guy ropes and guy runners as per the setup guide. Ensure guys are installed fully as per the guides, even on a still day. Camping in winds or gusts exceeding 25 mph (40kmph) is not a pleasant experience and can be a safety risk, which can result in injury and/or damage to camping equipment not covered under warranty.

We highly recommend using an Extra Guy Kit which offers additional support and stability to the tent and frame during breezier conditions and outside the recommended. Though we can not guarantee the equipment will perform optimally beyond the recommended, by installing the Extra Guy Support Kit (in addition to the standard pre-fitted guy ropes), has been tested to offer additional support and stability to the equipment.

See wind chart graphic below:

Our tent equipment (CUB, GOBI and GRIZZLY) have been rigorously factory and field tested upto 25mph (40kmph) – INCA model 40mph (65kmph) – when optimally pitched, pegged and guyed as per the setup guide. Wind (or gust) strength greater than 25mph should be avoided to minimise damage. Plan and prepare. See our Setup Guide for info. Always check gust strength. Low winds maybe forecast, but gust strength maybe strong that could affect performance or result in damage to equipment.

To help prepare for breezier conditions, and for optimum performance, choose a sheltered pitch. Avoid open areas. Ensure the tent is pitched and pegged and guyed out fully, ensuring taught sides and guys at all times. Check guy adjustor runner and ropes are installed and correctly positioned as per the Setup Guide. If a guy rope and adjustor has not been installed correctly will render the guy rope useless, and will not offer the necessary support required in breezier conditions.

We provide further advice and tips in our setup guide.


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