Preparing for Breezier Conditions


Avoid damage to equipment by pre-planning. Check wind and gust forecasts. Wind and gusts can be very destructive to temporary shelters like tents, not covered under warranty. Familiarise yourself with the guy ropes and guy runners.

Camping in winds or gusts exceeding 25 mph (40kmph) is not a pleasant experience and can be a safety risk, which can result in injury and/or damage to camping equipment.

Click here for wind and gust forecasts before planning your trip.

Our products have been rigorously factory and field tested upto 25mph (40kmph). Wind (or gust) strength greater than 25mph should be avoided. Plan and prepare. See our Setup Guide for info. Always check gust strength. Low winds maybe forecast, but gust strength maybe strong that could result in damage.

To help prepare for breezier conditions, choose a sheltered pitch. Avoid open areas. Ensure the tent is pitched and pegged and guyed out fully, ensuring taught sides and guys at all times. Check guy runner and ropes are installed and correctly positioned as per the Setup Guide.

We highly recommend using an Extra Guy Kit which offers additional support and stability to the tent and frame during breezier conditions. Click here

Failure to intall the tent and guys correctly, or if the wind or gust strength exceeds what is considered fitting conditions, may result in one or more legs to fold inwards. If you do not have an Extra Guy Kit available, you can carry out temporary field support by wrapping the corner guy rope around the lower neighbouring frame joint before pegging out. Ensure the guy ropes remain taught. Check guys regularly.

See the Setup Guide for further advice and tips.