Q. What Is The Hydrostatic Head (Waterproofing)?


A. The Hydrostatic head [HH] or Polytherane Coated [PU] refers to the waterproofing qualities of the tent fabric. The tent fabric is tested to determine its ability to withstand the pressure generated by a narrow column of water without leaking.

For European camping it is advisable to invest in a tent that offers a HH or PU coating of a minimum of 2500mm. Some manufacturers do not disclose this information, usually because of the low, unappealing HH rating. Slumit tents have a minimum HH rating of 3000mm as standard, up to 5000mm depending on model.

IMPORTANT: Like all tent fabrics the level of waterproofing will deteriote with use; exposure to UV light for long periods, packing your tent too tightly creasing the fabric, storing damp or wet can impair or deminish the protective qualities.