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Slumit CUB 2 Man Tent with FlashFrame Pitch System

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Quick Overview

Dual Skin Rainfly and Breathable Inner with FlashFrame™ Pitch System 
• An All-In-One Quick Pitch and Pack Solution - up and down in seconds!
• Two Berth Bug-Free Ventilated Sleeping Area
• 3000mm HH Waterproof Outer Rain-fly
• Breathable Inner Layer
• Bath Tub Style 3000mm HH Waterproof Groundsheet
• Thermobonded Taped Seams
• Separate Compact Porch Area for Equipment
• Two Adjustable Meshed Side Vents for Excellent Bug-Free Sleeping Ventilation
• Strong 8.5mm Jointed Fiberglass Pole with FlashFrame™ Technology
• Ground Pegs
• Lantern Hook (Max. Load 5kg)
• 5 Pre-Attached High Visibility Guy Ropes
• Internal Side Pockets for Lightweight Accessories (Max. Load 1kg)
• Internal Loft Storage Net (Max. Load 2kg)

• Colour: Russet Brown with Ice White detailing.

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The Slumit CUB II [2 berth] is a high spec 2 layer tent - includes a waterproof outer rainfly and breathable inner sleeping area. The rain-fly is waterproofed to a high 3000mm hydrostatic head, the CUB 2 camping tent can be pitched (and packed) in seconds using the innovative FlashFrame™ Quick Pitch System - up in a flash!

The Slumit CUB II offers a self contained sleeping area (approx. 200 x 135 cm in size).

A separate compact porch area is ideal for the light camper needing sheltered storage for their muddy wellies and additional baggage!

The internal Loft Storage Net and Side Storage Pockets (max load 2kg) is ideal for storing mobile phones, keys or other light weight accessories for easy access!

The Slumit® CUB II FlashFrame™ tent is a perfect camping solution for long weekend breaks and festivals.

Pack size approx 71 x 18 x 18 cm.
Packed Weight approx 3.5KG.

Colour: Russet Brown with Ice White detailing.


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